The Somatron Corporation, founded in 1985 by Byron Eakin, is the leader in the Vibroacoustic Therapy field and the standard for the industry. Byron Eakin

As the world’s most widely used and recommended music vibration equipment, the patented Somatron products are involved extensively in programs conducted by hospitals, universities, private and government facilities, including U.S. Air Force, the Bethesda Naval Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health. In 2015, Somatron Corporation was purchased and no interuption of service or changes in policies will be made.

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic Therapy occurs when music is converted to tactile sensations which permeate your whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations. This is achieved through the Patented Somatron Second Diaphragm which is responsible for the sensory vibrations. These differ from other vibroacoustic products as they are not simple pulses that repeat at regular intervals. That would be like listening to music with one note and one beat. It’s the sounds, music, and tones used to produce the vibrations that flow directly through the body. It’s like listening to music with your whole body. Vibroacoustic music therapy offers an energy-based, non-invasive and drug-free approach to health and wellness, basically an alternative way that has successfully treated thousands of people of all ages throughout the world.

How does it work?

Sound vibrations travel five times more efficiently through water than air, and since the human body is made up of over 70% of water, VAT has been proven to provide a highly efficient method for the deepest, cellular level body stimulation. This therapeutic stimulation can help the body to relax and heal more efficiently. Clinically proven low frequency vibration and sound therapy stimulates the body’s cells to transition into a therapeutic state of relaxation. In this relaxed state, the body’s tissues, blood vessels and lymphatic pathways open up allowing a sense of well-being to set in and for healing to begin. Once this relaxed point has been achieved, the body and mind integrate into a place of peace and calm. Some health benefits include: a balanced limbic system that allows one to handle stress more effectively, increased sense of calm, lower blood pressure and heart rate, muscle relaxation, reduced pain, reduced anxiety, increased circulation, better sleep quality and quicker healing times.

How do Somatron products help people with disabilities?

Stimulation is one of the most common and successful treatment approaches for disabilities. Somatrons have been successful in providing both unique stimulation and total relaxation. They contribute to reaching even the most difficult non-verbal patients. Imagine seeing a special person smile for the first time. Positioning can also be difficult, yet it is necessary for comfort and relaxation. Many of our Soma Seating products are design with this specifically in mind, especially the Recliners and the Body Pillow.

What about special needs?

Special needs schools are finding Somatron's i-Sensory Educational Pod and soft furniture to be effective calming and relaxing "chill-out" tools. Children suffering tension, anxiety and depression open up more and talk more freely when using Somatron therapy. The i-Sensory Educational Pod is a safe place for them to be. This is particularly true for those suffering Autism. Somatrons provide the necessary stimulation to reduce stereotypical behaviors, aggression and self injury.

Are there other uses for Somatron products?

Somatrons have been shown to improve the quality of life of those suffering age related dementia. Snugums™ have been particularly well received in this field.

The National Institute of Health study found that Somatron sessions reduced pain by over 53%. Prompted by these findings, Somatron developed an extensive Pain Management Program. Studies have shown that Somatron sessions reduce pain by 53%.

Post-Traumatic Stress victims have also been seen to benefit considerably after using Somatron equipment.

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