Hello Kim,

I wanted to let you know how professional and kind your two employees were that came to set up the Pod at Friendship School. They arrived yesterday and went straight to work with the installation making sure that everything was intact and working after being shipped. Although they had some glitches along the way, they maintained their professionalism and I was very impressed with them. They completed the set up of the Pod Wednesday and then came back today to make sure everything was working and to give our staff a instructional training for the Pod. Thank you for the wonderful service and for what you and your staff have done for us!


Diana Lynn
Friendship School
May 19, 2011

Hello Kim, Amos, Christie, Eddie and Josh and Friends! Thank you so much for your kindness!! It means a whole lot to us. Will is so excited! We haven't been able to pry him out of it for anything but dinner...and even then he gobbled it down and climbed right back in his fantastic ball pool.

I fell in love with this pool, and the idea of Vibracoustics, when Will's tantrums were at their worst - when he was about three. My husband is an inner-city youth pastor, and he worked a factory job in addition to working at church. The Tubby Ball Pool was financially out of our reach.  When we received the comp ed from the school district 5 years later, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to try. I had even remembered Somatron's name, and the fact that the pool came in white. I loved the idea of calming children using sound.

I am overwhelmed by your gift, and so very thankful that we could have it working when he got off the bus. Your thoughtfulness was such a gift in itself. To think of your kindness to a little boy in a different part of the country that you have never met...is unreal. Thank you all!

Merrie Coates 

This chair delivers audio and vibrational effects to the body, mind, spirit. I have utilized it extensively and seen my own healing as well as healings for others.

Kevin Baluha
Dec. 18, 2009

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to share my son, Eric's, new therapy. We just received the Somatron Music Mattress that we ordered for him. It is a little more than a chunk of change, but I saw it in a couple of catalogs and thought it looked like a good idea. I showed the catalogs to Eric and that mattress was the only thing he picked out as something he wanted with his grant money. I worked a lot with the actual company who makes them and I had great results.

Basically- it is a mattress with speakers in it so that the person lying on it can feel the vibroacoustic feedback put out by a stereo you hook it up to. We got the classical CD set to go with it. Eric's first night on it was last night and let me tell you- he loved it. When the 4 cds had been played, the music would stop. Eric would start stirring and talking in his sleep. As soon as I got the music started again- he would be still and silent. If your autistic child is in tune with music and is as musically motivated as mine, you and your child will LOVE it too. I am not paid to say any of this- I just wanted to share because I have had such an awesome experience with it all around

Name withheld
Oct. 22, 2009

Just want to let you know - WE LOVE OUR BALL PIT! Thanks for all your help.

Aug. 2, 2008

That's what I like to see...exceptional service!!!

Evan Siegel
Feb. 25, 2008

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service we have received from your staff. I initially called because only half of one of our Somatron mats was working. The person I spoke with was very polite, asked me some more questions, and then suggested I try changing the fuse. We did this, and it still did not work. Another staff from our center called again, and gave the story again. They took our address and phone number, and immeidately sent out another mat. This is especially appreciated, because some of the clients we serve have come to rely on having this mat around to help address some of their sensory needs. We really appreciate your timeliness, and the quality service you provided to us.

Jennis Delisi, MA, NMT, MT-BC
Dec. 20, 2007

I appreciate all you have done for us. I am very satisfied with your excellent service, as well as excellent products in this year. I look forward to working with you again.

Best regards,
Mi-sook Kim
Dec. 17, 2007

Kim, thanks for the swift response. One of my clients purchased the bean bag pillow, and we recently purchased him a receiver, and some CD's from Somatron. Now, he has his own little sensory room, and absolutely loves it. It has been a tremendous benefit, and reduced his behaviors.

Thank you again,
Sharon Johnson, MSW
April 26, 2007

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